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Illustration by Monia Nilsen.

Is ethics bad for (the design) business?

When designers look at themselves in the (ethical) mirror and don’t like what they see

A designer’s code

This is not about morality (which is of a social, cultural or religious nature), this is about how we should guide our professional decisions as a community.

After twenty years in the business, I feel that the design profession is still relatively immature on the ethical front. In my view, the reflection is still too quiet, too marginal, too little, when compared to other professions with impactful, social significance.

Heard it all before?

It doesn’t matter whether you set out to do wrong or not — it’s the consequences that will matter in the end

Why is this even a question?

The ability to demonstrate that a company has ethical guiding principles beyond the balance sheet is something that can foster trust, build loyalty and attract investment.

Problems, problems! Any solutions?

Creative Leader for digital design @ EGGS Design Oslo. Works with the cross-over between technology and design, for the purpose of helping humans.

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